Photographic and Terrain Survey

Macro Works has the team, the hardware and the know-how to deliver exceptional quality photographic imagery from precise locations for use in Planning Documentation, Environmental Reports and Research, Site Inspections and Public Relations Material.

Macro Works photographers are highly skilled in outdoor and landscape photography (single shot and panoramic) ensuring that all images captured are perfectly composed, vivid and sharp. This high quality photography is then coupled with specialist skills in digital photo processing and editing. High quality photomontages start with high quality images and this is one of the key elements that sets Macro Works apart.

The other vital component of Macro Works’ visualisations and visibility analysis is accuracy, as all outputs must stand up to the highest levels of professional scrutiny in the course of oral hearings and planning enquiries.

Uncompromising Photographic Standards

In the field, our operatives are fully equipped with pro-level cameras, lenses, tripods & mounts, high precision GPS - as well laptop-based 3D terrain models of all sites to enable realtime analysis and optimal positioning for viewpoint photography. Our equipment also includes 15m mast tripods for remote controlled semi-aerial photography.

In the interests of providing high quality photomontages that provide a fair and balanced representation of development proposals, Macro Works always endeavour to capture photography in the clearest of viewing conditions. This can often result in a mass exodus from the office when the sun comes out!

Specialist Knowledge of GIS and GPS survey technique

In addition to being skilled photographers, our field operatives have advanced working knowledge of GIS and GPS surveying enabling compilation of spatially precise photographic surveys and mapping.

Prior to going on site we create a full 3D digital model of the environment within which we will work. This allows us to simulate the views and the lighting conditions that we will likely encounter on site and thus streamline site visits to ensure that we are present at viewpoints when conditions are optimal. All operatives use high-end laptops equipped with GIS (2D & 3D) and high-precision GPS on site.

GIS is about the effective management and analysis of mapping datasets and their underlying databases (attribute data). With significant experience of spreadsheet automation and programming, Macro Works has the requisite experience and analytical skills to get the most from such data.

With ArcGIS and its powerful extensions at our disposal, we have the flexibility to deliver solutions to the most demanding of GIS tasks. For those clients using other GIS software and platforms, Macro Works also has the required tools to translate between file formats.

Drone survey of landform and land cover screening

Meet eBEE, Macro Works latest field operative. eBee is a UAV that captures highly accurate (20cm) 3D spatial data and ortho-photography of development sites and their immediate surrounds (c. 500m beyond site boundaries). The data eBEE collects allows us to prepare realistic visibility maps for a proposed development and then to determine those site boundaries that will most benefit from supplementary screening (a scenario that can also be illustrated in a post-mitigation visibility map).

Positional accuracy is essential. We have the experience and the tools to get it right.

Visibility can be a critical issue. Don't get caught out with poor quality visuals. Get the best.

Visual Constraints Mapping

Route Screening Analysis