Glint and Glare Analysis


One of the more unique issues for solar farm developments is the glint and glare that can be generated from sunlight reflecting off the solar panels. Although such effects fall outside of the remit of standard LVIA there is a high degree of crossover with the general visibility of panels from surrounding houses. The analysis of glint and glare potential is also GIS based, which is one of Macro Works’ core capabilities. Consequently, we have recently completed a project in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland and the National University of Ireland (NUI - Maynooth), to produce accurate ‘Glint and Glare’ analysis model for solar panels that generates outputs that are readily understood by planning assessors and the public.

Macro Works Glint and Glare Analysis Model

Macro Works has worked closely with the National University of Ireland (NUI - Maynooth) over the past 12 months to develop a robust solution for the analysis of ‘glint and glare’ for proposed solar farms. Coupled with Macro Works’ core competence in GIS mapping, this custom solution delivers all of the critical data in a manner that is clear and intuitive to both the professional and layperson.

The value of drone survey (landform and land cover)
___for Glint and Glare Analysis

As the visibility of low-lying solar panels is strongly influenced by the presence of small undulations in landform as well as the presence of field boundary vegetation, it is vital that these landscape features are recorded and included in the baseline data for any analysis of visibility as well as glint-and-glare. Not to do so risks a significant overstatement of the potential visual impacts. The drone survey is carried out to approximately 500m from the site boundary.

Macro Works has invested in the very latest UAV drone technology to allow a proposed site and its immediate surrounds to be accurately surveyed from the air. This results in ortho-photography and a digital surface model (accurate to +/-3cm), which includes for all potential screening from the site. These outputs can be used by other disciplines such as archaeology and ecology, however, the benefits to visual impact appraisal and glint-and-glare analysis cannot be overstated.


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