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Macro Works is the premier provider of visual impact assessment and associated maps and graphics to the Irish wind industry, which is a position we have held for over 15 years. We have been involved in the appraisal of over 100 wind energy proposals - from single turbine auto-producer sites to 200 turbine offshore wind parks. This wind energy experience also includes five Strategic Infrastructure Developments and associated oral hearings (planning enquiries). Senior technical and assessment staff members have gained considerable expert witness experience and have undertaken professional expert witness training.

We retain many of the top private and semi-state Irish wind energy companies as clients and are the visual consultant of choice for numerous planning, engineering and environmental firms.

Macro Works Operates to Highest International Standards

Macro Works operates to the highest international standards and recognised best practice for both the assessment of Landscape and Visual Impacts as well as the preparation of associated photomontages and visibility mapping. Macro Works is professionally affiliated to the Irish Landscape Institute (ILI), which in turn is associated with the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA). Senior staff members also have corporate membership status with the ILI.

All appraisals are carried out in accordance with the ‘Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Assessment’, 3rd Edition, 2013 (Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental management and Assessment).

Photomontages and Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) maps are prepared in accordance with the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Visual representation of wind farms: Best Practice Guidelines (2014).

Innovative Solutions

In addition to following best practice, Macro Works also endeavours to establish best practice through constant innovation that takes advantage of latest technologies.

Through our considerable experience with LVIA for wind energy developments, Macro Works has developed a suite of robust visual analysis tools. These have aided project team collaboration and provided objectivity and support to the LVIA for many wind energy projects. These tools include;

Reverse Viewshed Analysis

A GIS based process that aids the design of a wind farm to reduce impacts at highly sensitive locations.

Route Screening Analysis (RSA)

An automated process for accurately analysing the extent of visibility of a proposed development from the surrounding transport network.

Theoretical Visual Intensity (TVI) Mapping

An advanced form of Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV) mapping that also accounts for an objects’ scale in relation to distance and its degree of visibility within the surrounding terrain.

360° On-line photomontage viewer

A collaborative design team tool for viewing draft photomontages in a full 360° context.


Public consultation photomontage display units that closely replicate the way in which a proposal will actually appear in the landscape.

Live Layout modelling

A workshop-based collaborative design team tool for making real-time decisions on optimal layouts in conjunction with a range of specialists


…. the consistent quality of photography and simulations provided by Macro Works since 2000 has played an important role in achieving planning for many Airtricity projects, not least the Arklow Bank Offshore Wind Park in the Irish Sea (600MW). Macro Works comes highly recommended ….

Torben Andersen (2007) / Executive Director / Mainstream Renewable Power


…. The visual package prepared by Macro Works for our offshore planning was excellent. In spite of tight deadlines and complex requirements, their expertise and knowledge of visual analysis and photomontage gave us the confidence to leave the visibility study entirely in their hands. We were very impressed with the end result and have since received very positive feedback from several parties to commend their work. We strongly recommend Macro Works …..

Brian Britton / Managing Director / Oriel Wind Farm Ltd


Saorgus Energy is developing a 145 turbine wind farm on the Kish and Bray Banks which is located 10km off the East coast of Ireland. We engaged the services of Macro Works to carry out a full visual study for the wind farm and the quality of the output was exceptional. A very challenging aspect to this project was the requirement for a large number of cumulative photomontages to be prepared to document the interaction of the project with other planned and permitted offshore projects. Macro Works responded to this challenge with insight and succeeded in meeting very tight delivery deadlines.

Damien Courtney / Head of Operations / Saorgus Energy Ltd

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